How to Host a Sub-Domain on a Separate Account.

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Created On: 20 Jul 2007 07:59 AM

Answer Some people might want to host a sub-domain on a different platform than
the one they are already on. In this example, the main domain, is
hosted on a Windows plan. A subdomain called needs
to be hosted on a Unix account.

This can be acheieved by following these steps:

1) Sign up for a new Unix account on our website,
    You need to use a temporary domain to sign up to the account, for example:

    Please state in the Notes section if you are using this domain for Sub-Domain hosting purposes.
2) Log into the Control Panel for the new account and enable a dedicated IP Address
    for this temporary domain.This can be done via the Domain section of the
    Control Panel.
3) Note the Dedicated IP Address set.
4) Log into the original Windows account, where the main domain is being hosted
5) Remove the Sub-Domain you want to host on the new account.
    This may remove you files related to this Sub-Domain, so make sure you have
    backed up what you need.
6) Go into the Domain Section and into the section where you can edit your DNS.
7) Remove any entries for the sub-domain that may be in the DNS.
8) Click on “Add DNS A Record”
9) Enter your Sub-Domain in the NAME section and the Dedicated IP Address,
    recorded in step 3, in the DATA section. In this example, the name would be
and the data would the the ip address from step 3.
10) Once you have submitted the DNS entry, it will take 2-24 hours before the
    Sub-Domain is live from the new account.