Account Server Migration

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Created On: 26 Feb 2009 09:53 PM

Answer There may be several reasons that you may choose to migrate your account to another server or we may choose to migrate your account for you for other reasons.

A typical reason  as to why we would want to move your account would be to spread the load that is placed upon our servers.  Although we stop adding accounts once a server reaches a certain threshold, the accounts may utilise more resources as time progresses.

Account migrations are a straightforward process and rarely result in post migration difficulties.

Some things you need to be aware of:

Typical post migration issues which you can fix without requiring support assistance:

Although we aim to inform and verify the state of the migration process there are some issues that occur after a migration, the following ones can be fixed easily from your end.

My site is showing a H-Sphere login page?

This is the result of your site not having a default index.html file and the migration process puts this file back by default. If you are using a different file as an index file, simply deleting the index.html and login.html files will show your own index page again.

Some of my php based code is no longer working/my contact form isn't sending out emails?

Your site may not be compatible with the latest versions of php, new servers will default to later versions of php and to php FastCGI mode, you can revert your version of php back to a prior one under web options and also choose whether to run in FastCGI or Apache module mode, please contact support if unclear.

My Instant Access Alias URL no longer works?

The instant alias is made up of a suffix and prefix ID. The suffix ID is linked to the server itself and is unique. The Instant Access Alias will therefore change during the migration process. After the migration has completed, please refer to the 'Web Options' section, click on the relevant domain name (if needed) and scroll down to see the new Instant Access Alias URL.

If the above resolutions do not apply to you then please open a support ticket so we can get one of our engineers to look into the problem for you.