Email problem on Mac or iPhone

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Created On: 29 May 2015 07:33 AM


On Mac:


Mac Mail program pops up with an error message:
The operation couldn’t be completed. (MCMailErrorDomain error 1045.)
Cannot get mail the mail server xxxx.xxxx.xxxx is not responding
This can sometimes happen on OSX 10 (Yosemite).


On Mac Mail -> Preferences -> Accounts, Try deleting the IMAP account and the SMTP account that you're having problems with. Then re-adding the account again. If that doesn't work, try restarting the Mac before re-adding the account.

iPhone or iPad:


You're seeing an error message "Unable to connect to" related to your mail server


Follow these steps:

  1. Delete the email account on the iphone/ipad. If you used our Email profile generator, you need to delete the profile in Settings -> General -> Profile -> Select the email profile -> Delete Profile.
  2. Turn off the device. Do not reboot. It must be powered off
  3. Power it back on
  4. Add the profile again by going to our email profile generator