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 About SSL, CSR and Secure Certificate
 Using SSL Certificates to secure your online transactions tells your customers you take their security seriously. They will visibly see that their online transaction will be secure, confidential and integral and give them the confidence that you have r
 E-Commerce Guide: Accepting Credit Card on Your Web Site
  Quadra Hosting provides web hosting services that fully caters to e-commerce needs, including the ability to use all the payment gateways mentioned in this a
 Generating a Certificate Signing Request (CSR)
 If you have access to Open SSL tools, you may use the following commands: Generate The Private Keyopenssl genrsa -out domain.key 1024 Generate the CSRopenssl req -new -key domain.key -out domain
 osCommerce Admin Interface - "the page cannot be displayed"
 Symptom: When accessing osCommerce administration interface, the page takes a long time to load and eventually shows "The page cannot be displayed" error. Try checking your browser's proxy settings. If it is empty, try set it to your ISP's prox
 Shared SSL and Dedicated SSL
  At Quadra Hosting, you can have your web site connection to your visitor secured / encrypted through SSL. There are two modes of SSL implementation that we offer:Shared SSLDedicated SSL Shared SSL
 Storing Customer's Credit Card in a Database
 In general, it is not safe to store sensitive information such as credit card details in your database, especially if you have the login details to your database stored in a php script. Your PHP scripts can be read by other people having an account on
 What is the difference between a Positive SSL certificate and other types of SSL certificates?
  A Positive SSL is a Domain Validated (DV) type certificate, whereas the others such as Instant SSL Pro is a Business Validated (BV) type certificate.With a BV, you will have to meet our certificate p
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