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 Changing database charset for moodle
  Moodle requires the UTF-8 charset. You can achieve this by performing the following:Log into the Quadra control panelClick on the 'phpMyAdmin' iconClick the small play button icon that corresponds to the user for yo
 How do I backup/export my MySQL database?
  Backing up your MySQL database can be done in several ways: Using phpMyAdmin web interface Using command line through shell access Using phpMyAdmin You can launch phpMyAdmin via the "phpMyAdmin
 How do I create tables in my MySQL Database?
 You can create tables when you are logged in to your database as a user with create privilege. Normally on the control panel this corresponds to the "dba" role in the drop down selection. Creating tables can be done via the web
 How do I load or import a MySQL database dump on to the server?
  Method 1 - phpMyAdmin You may use phpMyAdmin to load your database by pasting the SQL script and execute it. Login to your control panel, and click phpMyAdmin next to a mysql user that has been given DBA right
 How to import a CSV file into a MySQL Database Table
 There is an alternative that will allow you to load a CSV (or tab delimited) file.To do this, an SSH / shell access on a unix server is required. This does not work on Windows server.1. Connect using mysql command line
 How to set the server time/timezone
  All our servers' time/timezone are set to GMT/UTC. You can customise your time/timezone through your scripts. To change the time zone in php: Method 1:
 MySQL Database Move for Version Upgrade
 Quadra Hosting runs many mysql servers. Some of them run on an older mysql version 4.1, some run on version 5.1, 5.5, 5.6 etc. We maintain different versions for legacy support, because some older applications are incompatible with the newer mysql ve
 Our Server's Time Zone
 See Also this article: All our servers are set to the GMT / UTC time zone. This applies to both USA and Australian servers. T
 What is the difference between read/write and dba rights?
 read/write permissions/privileges allow the user to read, append and delete records from your database tables, however it cannot alter / create / drop the tables and its structures. Read/write privileges are ideal for forums an
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