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 DSN-less Connection String
 The following connection string should be used to open an MS Access database without using DSN: "Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0; Data Source=yourdbpath" Using OLEDB
 MS Access Database Limits
 Microsoft Access Databases are simply normal files, and hence treated just like any other files (html, jpg, zip) that you can have in your home directory. You can have as many Access database files as your account can hold. The limitation is th
 Recommendations on Using MS Access with ASP
 Microsoft Access is a free and easy to use database system for Windows and ASP scripts. However, it is not suitable for production / real web site usage, no matter how few visitors your site might have. IIS (the web server that runs on Windows)
 Securing MS Access Database
 We highly recommend storing your MS Access databases outside your website directory. This makes your database safe as it can't be downloaded via your web site. You can create a "data" (can be called anything you wish) subdirectory directly unde
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