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 ABCPDF 5 on Windows 2008
  On Windows 2008, ABCPDF version 5 (abcpdf5.doc) code wouldn't work if you added the content-length code from the example. Simply comment out the following line:'Response.AddHeader "content-length", UBound(theData) -
 ASP Components
 Click here for the list of installed ASP Components.
 ASP Form to Email scripts - Letting your customers fill out a form and have it emailed to you
 You can create a form on your web site that gets emailed to you when someone submits it. This is often called formmail or form to email. On Unix, people have the choice of using our built in formmail script, or write their own using Perl or PHP
 Custom Error Page with ASP
 Custom error pages can either be a static html file, or a server side script such as an .asp or .aspx file. The control panel -> Web Options -> Error provide this ability to you.
 Do you support Parent Paths in ASP Scripts?
 Parent Path is supported in ASP Scripts.
 Does my script have write permission to a file on the server?
  WindowsBy default, write permission is not granted on your directory. Please open a ticket and specify your account name, domain and full path to the directory that you need write permission on.
 DSN and DSN-less Connection Strings
  DSN or DSN-less? Connection to your database can be done using either a DSN (Data Source Name) or without DSN aka DSN-less. DSN stores all the information required to connect to your database, including your database type, server /
 How do I connect my ASP script to PostgreSQL Database?
 You can connect your ASP scripts to your PostgreSQL Database using ODBC. The following connection string can be used as a starting point: "Driver={PostgreSQL}; Server=servername;
 How to connect to a MySQL database from an ASP / ASP.NET script
  You can connect to MySQL using either the ODBC driver, or the MyOleDB driver. Using ODBC DSN: Go to your control panel and click on ODBC
 How to Create An ASP.NET Virtual Directory and Application
  In the control panel -> Web Options ->¬†Web Directories SettingsClick the "New Web Directory" button (the one that has a green up arrow at the bottom)In "Web Directory Nam
 How to send email using CDOSYS from your ASP script
  CDONTS is no longer supported by Microsoft, and subsequently dropped from Windows 2003, existing code should be migrated to CDOSYS, the new API from Microsoft. This article presents an example that sends an email using CDOSYS.In
 My ASP script has error, how do I see what the error was?
 Internet Explorer has the "Friendly Error Messages" feature that hides the actual error page that is returned by the web server. This feature should be turned off so that you can see the actual error.
 Using an ODBC DSN from ASP
 In order to use an ODBC DSN from your ASP / ASP.NET applications, you must set your application to run in 64 bit mode. To do this, remove the "Enable 32-bit applications support" on the control pan
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