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 BackupBuddy (Wordpress Plugin) keeps failing to perform a full backup
 Symptom:BackupBuddy cannot perform a full backup. It seems to get stuck on "Waiting for function `backup_zip_files` to complete. Started xxx seconds ago."Possible cause:There may be some
 Can I run the Gallery script?
  Yes you certainly can. Our servers are configured to support Gallery script's requirements, including having ImageMagick, NetPBM and GD libraries installed. More info on Gallery can be found at: htt
 Can you install Smarty on the server?
 Smarty is a collection of PHP scripts that offers a templating framework. The idea is to separate the presentation layer from the processing layer / code. The web site is located at http://smarty.php.netSmarty is not something that needs to be
 Custom php.ini for Unix
  On Unix, it is possible to use your own php.ini. Possible reasons for using your own php.ini:If you need to use a certain php extension that isn't normally loaded by our default configurationIf you need to change php options th
 Do you support ImageMagick?
 Yes we support ImageMagick, NetPBM and GD2 libraries
 Does my script have write permission to a file on the server?
  WindowsBy default, write permission is not granted on your directory. Please open a ticket and specify your account name, domain and full path to the directory that you need write permission on.
 Drupal, FastCGI and PHP 5.2 solution for magic_quotes_gpc
  This article applies only when the following conditions are true:PHP 5.2 (not php 5.3 because in php 5.3 you can use .user.ini file)Running as FastCGIHosted on Quadra Hosting's serverTo disable mag
 Error 500 After Password Protecting osCommerce
 Symptom:After adding password protection to the /admin directory of osCommerce, a server Error 500 occurs when the /admin folder is accessed. The password protection was activated through the control panel Fil
 How to disable mbstring for Drupal
  The best approach to disabling mbstring or making it work with drupal is by overriding the settings in .htaccess. There are two values that need to
 How to display the PHP version and modules installed on your server.
  You can view your PHP version and modules either via SSH access or a PHP script.SSH AccessLogin and run the following commands.PHP version:# php -
 How to increase PHP upload file size limit
  On Unix/Linux, insert this into your .htaccess file. If this file doesn't exist, create it using a text editor such as notepad. It then needs to be uploaded into your web site directory. php_value upload_max_filesize 100M php_value post_max_size
 How to override php.ini options
  Some php.ini options can be overridden / set on a per domain level. This may be handy to do for example, to turn off/on register_globals, or to set a site-wide include_path which can shorten and simplify your scripts. The way t
 How to set the server time/timezone
  All our servers' time/timezone are set to GMT/UTC. You can customise your time/timezone through your scripts. To change the time zone in php: Method 1:
 How to troubleshoot a slow WordPress web site
  Is your WordPress site slow? Follow these very simple troubleshooting steps:Install / switch to a generic theme such as "twentyfifteen" or "twentyfourteen".Take note of which plugins are active and which aren't.
 Performance tip: Bypass Wordpress 404 handling for missing images
  By default, Wordpress is set to handle 404 errors. If you happen to have lots of missing images for some reason (e.g. trying to load nonexistent retina version), Wordpress 404 will be triggered many times. Sometimes one page load would cause Wordpress t
 PHP Command Line Binary Path
  The PHP binary can be used to execute php scripts on the command line (e.g. via shell access) or in the cron jobs. Because we have multiple versions of php on the server, they are not located in the common path. Here are their locations:
 PHP Mode on Unix Hosting: Apache Module vs FastCGI
  Note that this article does not apply to PHP running on our Windows Hosting.Quadra Hosting supports two ways in which PHP could run for your
 Return Path of Emails Generated by a PHP Script
  PHP on Unix/LinuxPHP provides a convenient method of sending emails, through the mail() function. However, with normal mail() function, the
 Script Error: Unable to connect to MySQL Database
 Symptom: when trying to connect to MySQL Database from my script, I got this error: Warning: mysql_connect(): Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/tmp/mysql.sock' (2) in /hsphere/local/home/myacctname
 SMTP connect() failed via TLS / PHP certificate verification failure
  If you are receiving a certificate error/could not connect to SMTP host via TLS through your PHP mail script you script may be looking like something along these lines: (example only)$mail->SMTPAuth
 Tips to improve Wordpress Performance
  For the best solution, see: How to have a HACK PROOF and LIGHTNING FAST WordPress web siteĀ on this linkĀ 
 Using Wordpress on Windows
 To use Wordpress on Windows, please add this line at the end of your wp-config.php:
 What Pear packages do you have?
 We normally have the most common packages installed, however this varies from server to server. The best way to find out is to try to use the class. If you require a Pear package that isn't installed, please let us know by opening a su
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