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 Adding extra FTP Users and restrictions
  You can create extra FTP Users via the FTP Manager section of your hosting account. Once you go into FTP Manager, you will see "FTP sub-accounts" (Unix), or "System Accounts" (Windows), where
 Advanced Web Statistics (awstats) on Windows doesn't work
 AWStats / Advanced Web Statistics is a collection of Perl scripts. The script files have .pl as their extensions. In order for it to work, you need make it so .pl is interpreted by Perl. Because this is not normally enabled by default, you will
 Automatic Web Application Installations
  In the Web Options section, of Unix Based hosting accounts, you will find "Softaculous Applications". This tool is used to automatically install popular Web Applications on your
 Changing Server Platforms (Unix to Windows or Windows to Unix)
  If you wish to change your Hosting Platform, Unix to Windows or Windows to Unix, you can request this via the Platform Change section of your Control Panel.After you have requested the change, please let our support staff know so they can change t
 Create dedicated application pool for your site
  Step 1: Create the application poolGo to Account -> Account Settings in your control panel.In the section Dedicated Application Pool, click AddSelect the .NET version,
 Creating a Domain Key TXT DNS Record
 You can create DNS TXT Records via the DOMAINS section of your Hosting Control Panel.When adding a Domain Key, you will need to use the following Syntax for your DNS Data:k=rsa\; t=y\; p=xxxxxxxxxxxxxPlease contact support fo
 Disk Quota Exceeded
  Sometimes on a unix host you may receive a "Disk Quota Exceeded" error when uploading a file. There can be two possible reasons for this:1. You have indeed exceeded the amount of space allocated to your account, or2. Th
 Do you support MS FrontPage?
  We no longer support the MS FrontPage Server Extension. Microsoft has officially stopped supporting MS Frontpage quite some time ago. You can continue using MS FrontPage to design your site. However, you will need to upload your site via FTP. Front
 Error: Directory Listing Denied. This Virtual Directory does not allow contents to be listed.
 This error is caused by the following conditions: Directory listing (listing of the files in the directory) has been disabled There is no default page (index.html, index.htm, etc) to show If you have a unique defa
 File Mananger / Webshell Errors
  You may come across the following error when trying to access the File Manager / Webshell:"ERROR: Unable to change dir "/" Check directory permissions"
 File Permissions/Modes
 About File Modes File Mode defines the sets of permissions that are applicable to the file/directory. It defines who can read, write and execute it. File mode for cgi-bin has alw
 FTP Publishing information for iWeb
  To publish a site made in iWeb, you will need to obtain the FTP information for your account. You can obtain this information via the 'FTP Manager' section of the Quadra control panel.In iWeb, click on the website that you would like to publ
 Hidden Files
 In the Unix world, files starting with a dot / period are considered "hidden" files. They are not normally shown unless when you specifically want them to show up in the directory listing. This in particular affects FTP programs. When you upload
 How do I make a flash movie file to work?
 Flash Movies ending in .flv requires a special MIME type to be set up on the server. To add the MIME type:login to the control panelclick on Web OptionsClick MIME -> AddEnter .fl
 How to Change Your Passwords
  There are two passwords on our system:Control Panel password, used to login to the web based control panel interfaceFTP Password, used to login to your server to upload / download your web siteThese two passwords wer
 How to clear your DNS cache
  If you have recently re-delegated your domain name to us, changed a DNS record or registered a new domain name and it is not working as expected, you can try clearing the DNS cache on your computer and modem/router with the following instructions:
 How to create an account with restricted access for your web developer
  You can set up a limited access so that your developer can work your one particular web site without giving them access to your other web site. 1. Restricted FTP AccessYou can create an FTP sub account th
 How to disable directory listing
 To disable directory listing (directory Indexes):Log into your control panel. Click the Web Options link. In the Settings field select Disabled for the Indexes setting. Click Submit
 How to Host a Sub-Domain on a Separate Account.
  Some people might want to host a sub-domain on a different platform than the one they are already on. In this example, the main domain, is hosted on a Windows plan. A subdomain called
 How to remove the control panel login page on my website?
  When you first signed up or added a new domain name, you will see a default temporary page with a login form to access your control panel. This page is just a HTML page that was generated and placed into your web directory as a default. The file is c
 How to renew your SSL Certificate
  How to renew your SSL Certificate Close to when your current SSL Certificate is about to expire, Quadra will send you a warning email to renew your certificate. To renew your certificate, log into the S
 How to set the server time/timezone
  All our servers' time/timezone are set to GMT/UTC. You can customise your time/timezone through your scripts. To change the time zone in php: Method 1:
 How to test your site before pointing your domain name to Quadra Hosting
  Quadra Hosting offers Instant Access URL (aka temporary url) so you can test your web site before actually pointing your domain name (i.e. redelegating) to your Quadra Hosting account. This way you can be sure that your site will be working fine after
 I have just added another domain to my account. How do I see it before transferring the DNS?
 You can see the "Instant Alias URL" for this new domain in the control panel. Go to Web Options and select the new domain and then scroll down to the bottom of the screen just above the big text area.
 Internal Server Error 500
  On Unix:These errors are typically generated as a result of configuration or syntax errors in the web server configuration.On Unix hosting site specific configuration is typically placed in .htaccess files which are fundamentally an ex
 Malware Infection, Hacked Sites, Phishing, Spamming and Clean Up Procedure
  Malware Infection, Hacked Sites, Phishing, Spamming If your web site has been infected or hacked with malware, phishing or sending out spam, please read this article.   How to Clean Up Y
 Moving A Web Site from Plesk to Quadra Hosting
  This article explains how to move an Account from Plesk to Quadra Hosting's systemThings to know:Quadra Hosting provides a temporary URL that you can use to test your web site on Quadra Hosting's server,
 Performing Telnet Connectivity tests
 Telnet is a tool that allows you to test connections to a variety of TCP based services on hosting and mailservers.TCP stands for Transmission Control Protocol in the most simplest of terms means it's a reliable way of transferring data
 Refreshing to See The Changes on Your Site
  Sometimes after uploading a new page, you still see the old page on your site. This problem is commonly experienced by people who are sitting behind a proxy imposed by their ISP. Although your browser might not have a specific settings for th
 Resource Limit Exceeded and general CloudLinux information
  Many of our servers are running an operating system known as CloudLinux. The benefit to clients hosted on a CloudLinux server is that the system's resources cannot be monopolised by one user which ensures a fair use to all accounts/websites hosted. Shar
 Submitting a support ticket to Quadra's Tech Support team.
  Submitting a support ticket to Quadra's Tech Support team. Tickets to tech support can be submitted via Quadra’s support site:
 Uploading / Publishing Your Site
  There are several ways to upload your site, the most common method is via FTP. FTP (This is the preferred method) Web Shell SCP (for advanced users on Unix account) rsync (for advanced users on Unix accou
 Web Site Statistics Terminology and Explanation
  The following information came from webalizer quick help, however the terminology applies to other statistics such as awstats as well. Main Headings
 Why is my website slow and what can be done to improve its speed?
 There can be many possible reasons why a web site is slow. Here are the list of possible causes:The server is slow or overloaded. This is the most common thing to be blamed.The web site has design elements that causes it to be slow,
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