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 Blocking Countries from accessing your site
  Before using this function, please contact Quadra Hosting technical support first. You can block access from certain countries by inserting this in your .htaccess file. 1. Blocking certain countries (all ot
 Deny files being executed in 777 Dirs
 Please see this article instead:
 Denying Access to an IP Address (Unix)
  You can deny access to a certain IP Address from browsing your web site, for example if you know someone/something has been flooding your site with useless requests or slurping all your site's content. This tip applies only to Unix ho
 How to create an account with restricted access for your web developer
  You can set up a limited access so that your developer can work your one particular web site without giving them access to your other web site. 1. Restricted FTP AccessYou can create an FTP sub account th
 Secure your images/media/uploads directories
  You should prevent execution / access of php scripts in directories where php scripts should not exist, such as images / uploads folder. To do this, insert the following lines into your .htaccess file: <FilesMatch "\.(php.?|p?ht
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