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  Symptom: You are getting a 404 Error when trying to access your site. If you have deployed an ASP.NET MVC application and your friendly URLs aren't working:Make sure to choose INTEGRAT
 Do you support Python?
 Yes, we support running Python as CGI script just like Perl. Python is installed in /usr/local/bin/python
 Does my script have write permission to a file on the server?
  WindowsBy default, write permission is not granted on your directory. Please open a ticket and specify your account name, domain and full path to the directory that you need write permission on.
 GnuPG and PHP
 Customers that would like to use GnuPG will need to know a few details about running GnuPG before they start using it:Generating KeysTo generate a key, you will need to create a .gn
 How to disable brute force attack protection on Joomla sites
 Create a .htaccess file with the following code and place it inside the 'administrator' directory under your Joomla site:<Limit POST>Satisfy anyAllow from all</Limit>
 How to disable brute force attack protection on Wordpress sites
 Quadra Hosting implemented HTTP authentication to prevent malicious bots from performing a brute force password attempt on your Wordpress sites. Such attempts, not only endanger the security of your web site if they managed to crack your password, bu
 How to run WCF Service
 In order to have your .svc WCF Service please make sure the following is set:Through the control panel-> Web Options:Set to ASP.NET 4.0 - choose this for 4.5.x as wellSet to Integrated modeOptionally set the Di
 How to set up Django on Quadra Hosting
  You can run a Django application on Quadra Hosting's shared environment. At the time this article was written, we can support Python 3.4, 3.5, 3.6, etc along with the latest version of Django To work with Python
 How to troubleshoot a slow WordPress web site
  Is your WordPress site slow? Follow these very simple troubleshooting steps:Install / switch to a generic theme such as "twentyfifteen" or "twentyfourteen".Take note of which plugins are active and which aren't.
 Our Server's Time Zone
 See Also this article:¬† All our servers are set to the GMT / UTC time zone. This applies to both USA and Australian servers. T
 What is the path to ImageMagick utilities?
 On FreeBSD, ImageMagick tools are located at /usr/local/bin/ For example, the convert program is at /usr/local/bin/convertOn Linux, it is located at /usr/bin/
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