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 .user.ini considerations on PHP5.3 in FastCGI Mode
  When running PHP version 5.3 in FastCGI mode which is now the default choice on our new Unix servers since August 2012 the following differences exist when it comes to parameters usually entered within .htaccess.Instead of using .htaccess to
 Blocking Countries from accessing your site
  Before using this function, please contact Quadra Hosting technical support first. You can block access from certain countries by inserting this in your .htaccess file. 1. Blocking certain countries (all ot
 Custom php.ini for Unix
  On Unix, it is possible to use your own php.ini. Possible reasons for using your own php.ini:If you need to use a certain php extension that isn't normally loaded by our default configurationIf you need to change php options th
 Denying Access to an IP Address (Unix)
  You can deny access to a certain IP Address from browsing your web site, for example if you know someone/something has been flooding your site with useless requests or slurping all your site's content. This tip applies only to Unix ho
 Error: Couldn't open config file "awstats..."
 If you see this error when trying to access AW Stats it means that your rewrite rules are redirecting all non www URLs to ones that include www. To access your statistics try the following URL (replace the two instances of yourdomain.extension with your a
 How to install PHP Composer
  We'd recommend installing composer in your own account. Installing composer is quite simple, and the instructions are provided by composer itself at Because we pr
 How to password protect a web directory
  To password protect a directory on your web site follow these steps:1. Login to the control panel2. Click FTP Manager3. Click the small screen icon under File Manager -> WebShell4. Click "Protect" at the bottom
 How to redirect from to
 Unix HostingWith Apache's mod_rewrite module, you can do some fancy things by manipulating the url.On Quadra Hosting, your site can be accessed by either and h
 How to redirect non ssl to ssl (http to https)
  pre { font-family: monospace; white-space: pre; width: 500px; background-color: #cee8fe; padding: 3px; border: 1px solid black; overflow: scroll; } For Unix/Apache For Unix based web sites running u
 How to request for shell access via SSH
  Shell access is available on most of the Unix plans, however it is not enabled by default. To have shell access:Login to the control panel, and click on FTP Manager then turn on the Shell
 How to troubleshoot a slow WordPress web site
  Is your WordPress site slow? Follow these very simple troubleshooting steps:Install / switch to a generic theme such as "twentyfifteen" or "twentyfourteen".Take note of which plugins are active and which aren't.
 Preventing Image Hot Linking
  If you have many images on your site, sometimes people can just insert them into their web sites by simply referring directly to your site. This practice is often called "hot-linking". You can prevent this on your Unix accou
 Retina.js triggers 404 errors on non existent @2x images
  If you noticed lots of 404 errors due to requests to images that look like /something/imagename@2x.png - you have two options:Upload the proper @2x retina version of the images. This is the preferred method, orApply the hack described
 Search Engine Friendly URL
  Most dynamic pages nowadays are accessed via URLs like these: and so on. Notice the bold part is the parameters that get passed to the show.php script. URLs
 Secure your images/media/uploads directories
  You should prevent execution / access of php scripts in directories where php scripts should not exist, such as images / uploads folder. To do this, insert the following lines into your .htaccess file: <FilesMatch "\.(php.?|p?ht
 Using Expires Module in Apache
  To allow the browser to more effectively cache images that have been downloaded, the Apache Expires module allows you to set the document / object expiration to a far distant future. ┬áThis will improve user's browsing experience as more objects wi
 Using gzip or deflate Compression
  Compressing your pages and other text data such as javascripts and style sheets can result in a faster and better user experience. Quadra Hosting supports Apache 2's mod_deflate, which is the equivalent of mod_gzip for Apache 1. To enable the page com
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