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 How to password protect a web directory
  To password protect a directory on your web site follow these steps:1. Login to the control panel2. Click FTP Manager3. Click the small screen icon under File Manager -> WebShell4. Click "Protect" at the bottom
 How to troubleshoot a slow WordPress web site
  Is your WordPress site slow? Follow these very simple troubleshooting steps:Install / switch to a generic theme such as "twentyfifteen" or "twentyfourteen".Take note of which plugins are active and which aren't.
 Installing COM / ActiveX Objects
  Quadra Hosting has a few COM objects that are pre-installed on its shared servers. Should you require the use of a COM object that is not currently available on the server, you can request us to install it. There are some criteria that must be fulfilled
 Using Wordpress on Windows
 To use Wordpress on Windows, please add this line at the end of your wp-config.php:
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