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Shared SSL and Dedicated SSL

At Quadra Hosting, you can have your web site connection to your visitor secured / encrypted through SSL. There are two modes of SSL implementation that we offer:

  • Shared SSL
  • Dedicated SSL


Shared SSL

The Shared SSL option is free of charge and does not require a dedicated IP address for your site. The Shared SSL certificate has been purchased for you by Quadra Hosting so you do not need to buy one for your site.

The level of encryption of Shared SSL is the same as the Dedicated SSL.

The only difference to the Dedicated SSL is that the secure address of your site would be for Australian hosted sites and for USA hosted sites.

In the above example, you can define the "yoursite" bit but the "" or the "" is fixed.


Dedicated SSL

Dedicated SSL option gives you a more professional image because your secure site's URL will be the same as your domain name. For example if your normal web site is, your secure URL will be

On our Unix Hosting, you can have a Dedicated SSL without having a dedicated IP. This utilises the SNI (Server Name Indication) standards which is now supported by the recent versions of all major browsers. On Windows, this option still requires you to have a dedicated ip address for each domain to be secured by SSL. An IP address costs extra per month.

Furthermore, you will need to purchase an SSL certificate for your domain name. The SSL Certificate usually needs to be renewed on a yearly cycle, but can be purchased for longer, e.g. 3 years validity.

Quadra Hosting provides high quality and widely recognised SSL certificate at a low yearly cost. For more information on our SSL offering please see

You can also install your existing SSL certificate or purchase it from any Certification Authorities such as Thawte, Verisign, Geotrust, etc.

How to Enable SSL on Your Site

The control panel provides the SSL icon which enables you to turn on either Shared SSL or Dedicated SSL. If your plan does not support SSL, this icon will not be shown on your control panel home page.

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