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I have paid by BPAY but my account is still outstanding

The BPAY payment system uses a unique code called the "Customer Reference Number" (CRN for short) so that your payment will be applied to your account correctly. This CRN is based on your account ID plus some additional digits to route your payments to the correct area in our system.

When you first signed up, you haven't been allocated an Account ID on our system yet, so the initial BPAY CRN is generated randomly for you with a special Signup CRN. This CRN is only valid ONCE for your account signup / activation purpose. After your account is active, you must not use this Signup CRN again.

Your permanent BPAY CRN for your account will be given to you in your next invoice. Alternatively if you know your account ID, you can use our BPAY CRN generator.

If you happen to use your Signup CRN for your subsequent payments, it will not be automatically credited to your account. In this case, please contact our accounts department (using the contact us page) and inform us of the situation. Please also let us know the CRN that you did use to make payment and ask for your permanent CRN to use in the future.

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