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Moving A Web Site from Plesk to Quadra Hosting

This article explains how to move an Account from Plesk to Quadra Hosting's system

Things to know:
  • Quadra Hosting provides a temporary URL that you can use to test your web site on Quadra Hosting's server, without requiring you to delegate your domain's DNS. This means that you can let your web site to run on your previous host while you are working on moving it across.
  • Quadra Hosting's mysql server is NOT 'localhost'. We utilise a clustering system whereby the mysql server is running on a separate server. The mysql server you're assigned to, will be shown to you on your Quadra Hosting control panel under "MySQL Server" section. Use the hostname instead of localhost for your mysql connections. For example, it could be '' (use whatever is shown on the control panel).
  • Quadra Hosting's directory structure is quite simple. For each domain, there is a corresponding subdirectory with the same name as your domain name. For example, if your web site is then the files for this site will be in a subdirectory named "". Upload your files inside this subdirectory, and not the home directory.
  • We'll be happy to perform the site move for you if you do not wish to do this yourself. We will need access to your Plesk account so that we can access / copy your files across.
Steps to move:

On Quadra Hosting control panel:
  1. Add the domain name
  2. Go to Web Options for the domain name.
  3. Turn OFF PHP. 
  4. Turn ON PHP Advanced
  5. Change PHP Mode to php_fastcgi5. This will just make permission settings easier since you won't have to chmod 777 for any directories that should be writable by php. (The default mode is to run php as an apache module and it would require chmod 777 for writable directories.)
  6. A red warning will appear in the Web Options area. Click Apply to make it happy (this is important)
  7. Make sure to set up the corresponding email accounts that are needed for the domain
  8. Create Mysql database(s) and assign database users if the site utilises any database(s). Note that the naming convention for the databases and users might be different. Assign the relevant privileges for the users as required. "dba" (i.e. all privileges) would be a safe bet, however it might not be necessary to assign all privileges. You can tighten it down later on.
On Plesk:
  1. Click Domains and Login to the Domain Control Panel. 
  2. Click "Websites & Domains"
  3. Click Backup - and create a backup file. This backup file will contain the database as well as your files.
  4. Download this newly created backup file
On your computer:
  1. Extract the downloaded file above
  2. Inside the "databases" directory, go into the corresponding database directory, and extract the "tgz" file. This will give you the mysql dump file. 
  3. Login to Quadra Hosting control panel if you're not already logged in. Click on phpMyAdmin and login as the user for the database you wish to import
  4. Click "Import" and upload the mysql dump file from step 2 above. If this file is larger than 10MB, you can upload it to Quadra Hosting account via FTP and ask for our technical support to import it for you. Please supply us with the target database name, username and password. Now the database part is done.
  5. Back to the extracted files from step 1 above, find the compressed file containing your web site files. This is usually called "backup_domainname.com_vhost_xxxxxxx.tgz". Extract this file.
  6. You will see a directory called "httpdocs". Go into this directory, and using FTP, upload all the files inside this directory into your Quadra Hosting account inside the corresponding domain subdirectory (remember that each domain has a corresponding subdirectory named accordingly).
  7. Please be aware that index.html will take priority over index.php. If you have both and need index.php to show, you might want to delete index.html file (if it's not used).
  8. If you are using any databases, adjust your configuration files to match the details you created on Quadra Hosting: 
    • Hostname (as displayed on Quadra Hosting MySQL Server page)
    • database name
    • database user
    • password
    All these must match what you have created on Quadra, and they may differ to the Plesk one.
  9. Then go to Quadra Hosting control panel -> Web Options -> Select the domain. Down the bottom you'll see "Instant Access URL". You can click on it to access your web site without redelegating the DNS. Note however that Wordpress might force you to go to the real domain name, thus rendering this feature useless. But if it does redirect you, chances are, that wordpress is working on your Quadra Account too. If it isn't working it would show an error instead.

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