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.user.ini considerations on PHP5.3 in FastCGI Mode

When running PHP version 5.3 in FastCGI mode which is now the default choice on our new Unix servers since August 2012 the following differences exist when it comes to parameters usually entered within .htaccess.

Instead of using .htaccess to set php parameters you must now use .user.ini, note the dot in front ".user.ini" and this is to be placed inside the root of your web directory, not the account root.

Some examples of settings that you may require:

register_globals = on
short_open_tag = on
magic_quotes_gpc = on

Note that these are just some examples and are not a standard set of parameters that you should add to .user.ini, only set parameters you require.

Changes/additions made to .user.ini are not instant and there is a cache value of 300 seconds so it may take a few minutes before you see these changes applied.
Also be aware that phpinfo will still show the desired settings made in .htaccess although they will not actually work unless you place them in .user.ini

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