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Create dedicated application pool for your site

Step 1: Create the application pool

  • Go to Account -> Account Settings in your control panel.
  • In the section Dedicated Application Pool, click Add
  • Select the .NET version, pipeline type and whether it's 32 bit or 64 bit. The ASP.NET version you choose here will determine the ASP.NET version used by the web sites assigned to this pool.
  • Enter the "Dedicated Application Pool Name" of your choice. It should provide a hint about the ASP.NET version, pipeline and bitness. For example "-NET4-x32-classic-mypool1" for .Net 4.x, 32 bit, classic pipeline.
  • Leave the maximum number or worker processes to 1

Step 2: Assign your web application to the pool created in step 1

Click Domain Settings -> Web Options
  1. Click Web Directories Settings.
  2. Next to "Web Application Document Root" click Edit
  3. Select your dedicated pool created in step 1 in the "Assigned Application Pool" drop down selection.

Note: You can assign multiple web sites to the same pool, provided that they use the same settings (.net version, pipeline, bit-ness).

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