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How do I set up my email program?

Follow the usual procedure on your popular email client such as Outlook, Outlook Express, Mozilla Thunderbird etc, to add an email account. You will find a link to our email settings generator tool below.

You may choose either POP3 or IMAP protocol depending on your preference. If you are not sure which, choose POP3 as that has been the traditional protocol.


Emails are downloaded to your computer / email program and normally deleted off the server, thus ensuring that the email account on the server doesn't get full / overquota.


Emails are kept on the server. Your email program simply downloads a copy of the emails. This allows you to access your email account from multiple devices (e.g. your computer, your smart phone, web mail, etc.). When using this option, make sure to keep an eye on the size of your inbox and regularly delete old / unnecessary messages off the server.

Note that you do not need to do anything special on your Quadra Hosting account to enable IMAP. By default our mail servers will allow you to use either of the methods above. 

Your IMAP configuration in your mail client may also have an option along the lines of: "use Idle command if the server supports it", make sure this option is NOT enabled!

Please note that if you are using IMAP with Microsoft Outlook 2013, you will need to perform the following steps once you have configured the account under Outlook:

  1. Click 'File'
  2. Click 'Account settings' -> 'Account settings...'
  3. Double click on the IMAP account
  4. Click on the 'Advanced' tab
  5. Specify 'Inbox' as the Root Folder Path
  6. Click 'Ok' as needed to return back to Microsoft Outlook's main screen

Email settings generator:

iPhone/iPad configuration tool:

Please visit the following URL on your iPhone or iPad:

For Android:

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