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Adding extra FTP Users and restrictions

You can create extra FTP Users via the FTP Manager section of your hosting account. Once you go into FTP Manager, you will see "FTP sub-accounts" (Unix), or "System Accounts" (Windows), where you can setup these Users.

When setting up the FTP Users, you will be able to restrict the users to certain directories, where then can view and access the files in the set directory, and sub-directories, only. To do this, enter the path of the directory, you wish to restrict the user to, to the "
Relative Home Dir" setting. 

For example, if you want the user to access only directory then simply enter "" in the "Relative Home Dir" field.

If you do not wish to restrict the FTP User to any directory, you can simply leave the "Relative Home Dir" setting blank. The user will have access to the main/root directory of your user account, which will result in access to ALL Domains and files on the account.

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