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What is the difference between a Positive SSL certificate and other types of SSL certificates?

A Positive SSL is a Domain Validated (DV) type certificate, whereas the others such as Instant SSL Pro is a Business Validated (BV) type certificate.

With a BV, you will have to meet our certificate provider's criteria which involves the following:
  • Send a copy of your certificate of incorporation
  • Send a copy of your phone bill or bank statement showing the business name and the exact postal / physical address of your business
  • Have your business listed on with a phone number and they will call this number to verify
It can be a huge hassle and some people can't fulfil the requirements. The advantage is that your business name + address will be included / shown in the SSL certificate if people knew how to check it (most people won't know / bother).

So basically a BV certificate is as it says - it validated that you are indeed the owner of the business (and address) that you claimed to be.

On the other hand, a DV only needs to validate that you are the actual owner of the domain name (e.g. you cannot possibly request an SSL Certificate for since you won't have the ability to proceed with the DV validation). A DV validation only checks by sending an email to admin@YOURDOMAIN.COM with a link that you need to click. So if you can receive that validation email and can click on it, it would deem that you're the legitimate owner of that domain name and you'll get your certificate issued.

You won't need to send any of the above documents. Obviously since they did not verify your business name / address, none of this information will be included in the ssl certificate.

Everything else about the certificate regarding its level of encryption / security exactly the same.

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