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How to create an account with restricted access for your web developer

You can set up a limited access so that your developer can work your one particular web site without giving them access to your other web site. 

1. Restricted FTP Access

You can create an FTP sub account that is restricted to one particular directory, for example your web site directory. This gives your web developer the access to upload files for your web site without accessing other web sites in your account.

For more information, see this article: Adding Extra FTP Users

2. Database access

Your web site may use a database and your developer will need to have access to the database. If you haven't already created a database for your web site, you need to create one first. Then provide the following details to the developers:
  • Database server name
  • Database name
  • Database user name (you should create a unique user for each database)
  • Database user's password
  • phpMyAdmin URL:
They can access the database using phpMyAdmin on this address: http://databaseservername/phpMyAdmin. For example, if your Database server name is "", the phpMyadmin address will be (SSL link) or you can use (non SSL)

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