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Unable to connect to mail server for short periods


Email client(s) are receiving a particular error along these lines (the exact error syntax may differ depending on the local mail client used)

"The server returned the error: Mail was unable to connect to server* 
where x is your mailserver number, this may also be

The problem appears intermittent in nature.


If you have multiple systems connecting to our mailserver or multiple email accounts but one of those accounts is using the wrong email account name (wrong email address) and/or wrong password consistently then our server will end up blocking your IP address for 15 minutes at a time which may affect all users who are connecting from that same IP, for example in a shared office space.   It will after 15 minutes unblock the connecting IP again but if this local issue doesn't get resolved the IP block will keep happening repeatedly.

If you are unsure but suspect that this may indeed be the case please open a support ticket as we will be able to confirm whether this is indeed the issue.

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Created On: 29 Mar 2016 05:32 AM
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