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How do I transfer my site from another host?

The procedure to transfer a live site from another host depends on the complexity of your site. There are several things that we provide to make your transition easier. Please review the following steps to use as a guideline.

  1. Sign up for an account with us.
  2. Upload the content of your site to our FTP
  3. Create any relevant database that your site needs
  4. Create the email addresses through the control panel
  5. Test your site using the Instant Alias that we provide.
  6. Once everything is good, you may delegate your domain to our DNS servers.

If you have a live with with MySQL or other types of database, you may need to stop any updates to the database on the old site to prevent any discrepancies in the data.


Transfer Help

If your site has a significant amount of data to be transferred, we may be able to help you perform direct server to server transfer from your old host. Please send a support ticket to us by filling in the contact form with the information about your old account's login information and your new account name with us. We will perform FTP download from your old server using the information provided.



During the DNS transition period, some of your emails may still go to your old host. You need to keep the account open and still check it using your host's mail server's ip address. The best way to do this is to set up a separate account on your email program:

  1. Using the - this will work for your Quadra Hosting account once it's transferred.
  2. Using the old host's mail server's ip address - this will continue to pick up mails that still go to the old host

Alternatively, you can also set up the emails at your old host to be forwarded to another address that isn't involved in the move. This is perhaps the easiest way to not lose emails during transfer.

The Instant Alias

We provide an Instant Alias URL for each of your domains so you can directly access your new site without having to perform the DNS changes. The instant alias for your domain can be found by going to your Control Panel -> Web Options area.

Use this for testing purposes only. Don't use it as a permanent link as the Instant Alias will change if it ever needs to be turned off/on.

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