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E-Commerce Guide: Accepting Credit Card on Your Web Site

Quadra Hosting provides web hosting services that fully caters to e-commerce needs, including the ability to use all the payment gateways mentioned in this article. Our servers are located in USA and Australia so you can choose the one that is best positioned for your target market.

You need to contact the bank to set up your merchant account, and possibly contact the payment gateway company should you choose to use them.

Generally to accept credit card payment you need the following:

  1. A business banking account
  2. An Internet merchant account
  3. Payment processing service a.k.a. Payment Gateway Processor (sometimes this comes together with the Internet merchant banking facility)
  4. A website that is programmed to provide online payment facility to your customers
  5. A secure site with SSL certificate to collect the card details from your customers

We support the use of generic payment processor such as, echo, 2Checkout, etc.


Australian Internet Merchant Account

  1. Commonwealth Bank - we provide the use of merchant payment system to connect to the Commonwealth Bank Australia (CBA). This facility is provided and maintained free of charge by us. Quadra Hosting has a client ID with CBA's system. When applying for a merchant account from CBA, let them know you are hosted by Quadra Hosting so they can configure your merchant ID correctly.
  2. Westpac Bank - Westpac has got to be one of the easiest merchant banking to sign up for an Internet merchant account.
  3. ANZ Bank
  4. St. George Bank - normally St. George requires you to provide them with your sales projections or history, a short business plan etc.
  5. National Australia Bank

Internet Merchant Account in the United States (USA)

There are many banks that provides internet merchant facility, so this should not be a problem at all. Contact your bank to enquire about this.


Credit Card Payment Processor / Payment Gateway in Australia

Dialect Solutions - provides advanced payment gateway service. Our web hosting service works with Dialect Solutions' payment gateway facility. This payment gateway system can be used with any Australian bank's merchant account. The interface is available through COM object in Windows and Perl / PHP on Unix.

Direct One - DirectOne Payment Solutions offers a wide range of platform independent reliable and flexible payment solutions, from a simple, secure and fully customisable hosted payment page to advanced XML based payment interface. DirectOne system supports straight forward payments, refunds, reversals, pre-authorisation and capture transaction types. In addition, it also supports batched, scheduled, periodic and triggered payments. DirectOne also provides the ability to directly debit or credit your customer's bank account. DirectOne also provide unique phone, PDA and secure SMS based payment solutions.

Payment Express - Payment Express has been providing innovative and robust payment solutions for the Australian, New Zealand and international markets since 1997. Payment Express has connectivity to every major bank in Australia and New Zealand. Also leading banks in the Asia, South Africa, USA and the UK. Payment Express is a best practice system used to facilitate electronic payments, from multiple access points i.e. EFTPOS, Billing, IVR, CRM, Vending (GPRS), CRM (Mail Order / Telephone Order) and Web, seamlessly to your choice of acquirers, in real time.

E-Way - provides a simple payment gateway service with only charge type transaction (separate pre-authorisation / capture transaction is not supported).

Verisign Pay Flow Pro - provides much similar services to Dialect Solutions above.

St. George OCA (Online Credit card Authorisation) - an inhouse solution from St. George Bank. Note that you can get a merchant account with St. George and use one of the other payment gateways.

Camtech offers merchants secure B2B, B2C, and payment services via the Web, Wireless applications, Call Centre applications & IVR Platforms.


Payment Gateway in the United States (USA)

There are quite a lot of payment gateway services in USA with differing levels of support, commissions and service. We try to list some of the most popular here:

  1. Authorize.Net - provides excellent features and competitive rates.
  2. LinkPoint
  3. ECHO
  4. PSiGate
  5. SecurePay
  6. SkipJack
  7. SurePay

Online Shopping Cart Solutions

The front end of your online shop is your shopping cart. It maintains your product inventory, allows people to select your products and add them to their shopping cart / basket, and perform check out to place their orders.

There are many shopping cart solutions out there, from free, open source to commercial product with support.

The various shopping cart products also require various degree of expertise to be installed and implemented. You might need the service of a web developer to install and integrate everything for you and a web designer to customise the look of your online shop.

Listed here are some of the online shopping cart products that you might want to try:

osCommerce - a free, open source shopping cart scripts written in PHP. For Australian merchants, osCommerce has some addons that supports eWay, CommWeb / Dialect Solutions, and perhaps other gateways.

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