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Uploading / Publishing Your Site

There are several ways to upload your site, the most common method is via FTP.

  1. FTP (This is the preferred method)
  2. Web Shell
  3. SCP (for advanced users on Unix account)
  4. rsync (for advanced users on Unix account)

We will only discuss uploading via FTP in this article. 

In order to use FTP, you will need to have an FTP Client / FTP Program running on your computer. A popular and free one is FileZilla and you can download it from

This FTP program will enable you to browse your files on the web server and also transfer files between the server and your computer.

Server Name

Any of the above method will need to have the information about the server to which it should connect to. This information should be included in the Welcome email that was sent to you when your account was first activated.

The Login

To upload using any of the above methods, you need to have your FTP login name and password. Sometimes the FTP login name is different to your control panel login name because the FTP login is made lowercase and truncated to a maximum length of 8 characters. The actual login name should also be included in the Welcome email.

Directory Structure

Once you've logged in via FTP, you will normally be presented with two subdirectories, like this:

  • logs

You should upload all your site pages into the "" subdirectory. The actual name will be the same as your domain name.

If you have more than one domain in your account, you should upload to the appropriate subdirectory that correspond to your domain name.

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