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What sort of equipment and software are in place to ensure that my site is up?

We understand that the quality of the equipment, network connectivity and properly maintained and secured software is of utmost importance in providing a reliable website hosting service. We have chosen a solid network facility, reliable servers with RAID (Redundant Array of Inexpensive Drives) storage, regular backup, and up to date software and operating system to keep up with security updates.

Our Unix service runs on the rock solid FreeBSD operating system with Apache web server, the most popular web server on the Internet. We ensure that every single details on our servers are running properly so that our customers willl experience a smooth experience.

Our Windows service runs on the latest Microsoft Windows 2003 server, with IIS 6.0 as the industry standard hosting software on Windows. We maintain a close eye on security patches as well as upgrades.

In the event of hardware or network emergencies, we can contact on-site technician to assist in emergency hardware replacement or solving a network problem. The on-site technician is available to us 24/7 on the phone.

Equally important to maintain our service uptime is our internal and external monitoring system. We constantly monitor all our servers and services (web service, FTP, email and database service) and if it ever detects any problems with any of these services, our key staff will be alerted to fix the problem. This automatic service monitoring is just part of our effort to ensure our high uptime and service reliability.

We aim to provide a solid and secure website hosting service to our customers because we know it is important to keep your websites up.

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