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How does the multi domain hosting work?

Multi Domain Web Hosting is our web hosting feature that allows you to have multiple web sites in one account.

Unlike other web hosting services, Quadra Hosting's multi domain web hosting offers true separation amongst all your web sites. Each domain you host will reside in its own separate directory. Each web site will be completely independent of the others as they each have their own separate email accounts, files, and subdomains.

All the web sites are hosted under one account is accessible via a centralised login so you don't have to switch from one login to another.


Multiple Separate Web Sites

For example, if you have two different web sites: and, you will see two separate subdirectories from your FTP home directory:


This means you can put any content in and they will be separate from


Separate Email Accounts

In the example above, each domain can create its own set of email accounts. For example, you can create and and any emails sent to will not be readable by mailbox. The two emails are simply two different POP accounts with different logins and passwords.


Multiple Subdomains

Our hosting service also extends this separation down to subdomain level. Every subdomain has its own web root as well as email accounts.


Multiple Domain Alias

If you have multiple domain names that points to the same web site, you can simply add them as the aliases to your main domain name. This does not count towards the number of actual domain / sites that are hosted under your account.

For example, you can have as an alias to web site so that no matter which domain name people use to visit your site, they will get to the same web site.


Multi domain web hosting gives you savings and convenience.


What if I Only Have One Website?

Most businesses and private website owners only have one web site. If you only have one web site, you will still enjoy the same full range of features and benefits as the multi domain hosting plans, at an even lower cost.

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