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Domain Name Hosting Process

You can host any domain on our system, including country domains such as .au, .pg, .ph, .id, .sg, .it, etc. The process is the same as hosting .com domain:

  1. Add the domain to our control panel (by choosing the Transfer option)
  2. Go to the registrar of the domain and request the change of DNS servers to our DNS servers. This process is often called "Redelegation", "Host change", or "ISP Transfer", or sometimes it is simply labeled as "Edit DNS Servers".

You can see the list of our DNS servers through the control panel once you've added the domain name. Click on Home -> Domains and select the newly added domain. The list of DNS servers should be displayed on the screen.

Adding the domain to our system through our control panel (step 1) only creates the corresponding DNS zone on our server and sets up our web server and email server to be ready when the transfer in step 2 above takes place.

We have no control or access to do the step 2 above. You or the owner of the domain should contact the registrar according to the registrar's set procedure in doing so.

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