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Using Your Own or A Third Party Mail Server

If you would like to use your own email server or a third party email service, for example your own Exchange Server, Office 360, or Gmail, two things must be changed:

  1. You must set the DNS configurations on your Quadra Hosting control panel to point the MX records to the external server. Please remember that MX records must point to an A record, and not CNAME or direct ip address.
  2. You must turn off the mail service option in the Quadra Hosting control panel. This is done in the Domains section.

Here are the detailed steps that need to be done on the Quadra Hosting Control Panel:

  • Click Domains
  • Select the domain name that you wish to point to the external mail server (you will only be presented with a list if you have more than one domain name)
  • Turn OFF Mail Service - WARNING! This will delete all your email accounts and messages from our server.
  • Click the icon to the right of DNS configuration
  • Click Add Custom MX Record
  • Leave the first field blank, enter the priority number, e.g. 10, and enter the hostname of the mail server. For example, "". Do not put an ip address here
  • Click Add Custom A Record. Enter "mail" into the first field, leave the TTL field with its default value, and enter the ip address of the email server in the last field.

Without performing the steps above, emails that originated from your web site will not reach the correct (external) email server

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