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 ASP Components
 Click here for the list of installed ASP Components.
 Can I have shell access through SSH?
  Shell Access via SSH is available on some Unix hosting plans. Shell access to your website can be requested via the control panel. Shell access allows you to perform many maintenance and script installation tasks more easily. Basic Unix skills are
 Can I install my own CGI Scripts?
 Yes you can. We support Perl on both Unix and Windows. Furthermore on Unix we also support Python, tcl, and any other common unix interpreters. CGI scripts can be installed under /cgi-bin/ or in any other place by setting up the cgi extension
 Do you give any discounts?
 We provide progressive discounts on longer term prepayments, up to 15% on a yearly payment.
 Do you provide detailed statistics for my websites? How about raw log files?
 Detailed statistics are generated for each of your websites, which comes standard on every account. These statistics provide you with important data such as: number of visitors number of visits page views numb
 Do you support Cold Fusion?
  Quadra Hosting does not offer Cold Fusion on its shared hosting service. You may run ColdFusion if you use a dedicated server.
 Do you support Java, JSP, or Servlet?
 No, Quadra Hosting does not support java, jsp or servlet that are running on the server. Client side java applets and javascripts are fully supported because they run on the client's browser, and therefore will work with any web server, includ
 Do you support PHP 5 ?
  Quadra Hosting supports PHP5 as well as PHP4 on its Unix and Windows servers. The default PHP version on our Unix hosting service is now PHP5 for all the domains in your account, whereas on our Windows hosting, you can choose between the two versions fo
 Hosting Country-specific Domain
 We can host any domain, such as .com, .net, .org,, .uk, .us, .de, .ch, .cn, .pg, .cx, .it, .mx, .ph, .id, .sg, .sk, or any other valid top level domains. Country domain registration is normally done via your local
 How do I transfer my site from another host?
  The procedure to transfer a live site from another host depends on the complexity of your site. There are several things that we provide to make your transition easier. Please review the following steps to use as a guideline. Sign up f
 How does the multi domain hosting work?
  Multi Domain Web Hosting is our web hosting feature that allows you to have multiple web sites in one account. Unlike other web hosting services, Quadra Hosting's multi domain web hosting offers true separation amongst all your web sites. Each domai
 How Many Sites Do You Have On Each Server?
  The main concern behind this question is to ascertain how much the servers are loaded, and how well they will perform for your web site. It is mainly based on the assumption that the more web sites on a server, the less its performance will become. This
 I don't have a credit card, can I transfer the money to you?
  We accept BPAY as a method of payment. Most banks will allow you to make bpay paments using their online banking facility. For more information please contact your bank about how to pay your bills by BPAY. Upon sign up, you will be given a one off BPAY
 If I sign up now, can I upgrade to a higher plan later on? Is there any upgrade fees?
 You may upgrade at any time, provided that you are on the same platform. The upgrade process is quite simple and can be done by yourself through our control panel. When your account is upgraded, you will not lose any data or account settings.
 Is Quadra Hosting a Reseller?
 No, Quadra Hosting is not a reseller. Quadra Hosting's technical team has total control over its servers and software that is installed on the server as well as be responsible for all the security, maintenance, research and development and technical suppo
 Parking a Domain
 You can "park" or point another domain on top of your existing domain. This is also called "Domain Alias", which basically means, if you have You can have or
 Payment by Cheque
 You can pay for your account with Cheque. Please allow for up to one week of processing. For your convenience we would recommend paying for a year in advance.
 What are your uptime guarantees?
  As a commitment to our effort in providing a solid and reliable website hosting service, we provide a Service Level Guarantee which gives 99.9% uptime guarantee. Learn more about our Service
 What happens if I exceed my traffic limit?
 Any data transfer in excess of the plan threshold will be charged at the end of the billing period. You will be sent a notification when your traffic usage is approaching the limit, however your account will not be automatically suspended.
 What is the difference between Unix and Windows Hosting?
 Unix Hosting provides a secure and reliable environment that is perfect for most of the hosting needs, but sometimes you want to take advantage of some Windows applications such as MS Access, ASP scripting, ASP.
 What is the difference between USA and Australian Servers?
 The USA servers provides more traffic allowance because the cost of traffic is lower in USA. However from an Australian point of view, due to its distance to USA, there is a slightly bigger latency for the data packets to reach it, so you may feel that th
 What is your policy towards spam?
  We do not tolerate any spam activities either directly or indirectly. This includes sending spam via another network with the content of the spam referring to the service (e.g. your web site) hosted on our servers. Please review our
 What sort of equipment and software are in place to ensure that my site is up?
 We understand that the quality of the equipment, network connectivity and properly maintained and secured software is of utmost importance in providing a reliable website hosting service. We have chosen a solid network facili
 What type of support do you offer?
  Quadra Hosting offers a wide range of technical support to help you get your website up and running. Our support starts from the very beginning at the pre-sales stage, ensuring that you have all the technical information you need to make an informed
 Where can I find a document that explains all the features in greater details?
 For shared hosting service, please review our Control Panel User's Guide
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