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 "This mailbox is empty" in Horde Webmail.
 If you find that Horde is displaying the message 'This mailbox is empty" when you know that there are emails saved on our mail system you can try the following in Horde to remedy this problem:Options -> Mailbox and Folder Dis
 Able to receive emails but unable to send them
  If you are able to receive emails but are unable to send them and you have recently changed Internet Service Provider, please use the following tool to generate our recommended email settings and apply them to your email client accordingly:
 Accessing your Webmail from your mobile phone
 Horde Mobile is available on our Webmail system.You can access Horde Mobile from your mobile phone by using the following syntax: will give you a simple version of the Webmail service you can view
 Can my emails be piped through to my script?
 Because our email server runs on a separate machine, directly piping the incoming email to your script is not possible.However you can use tools such as getmail to poll your POP account regularly and then pipe the retrieved emails to your script
 Do you support IMAP?
 Yes we do support IMAP protocol.
 Email problem on Mac or iPhone
  On Mac: Symptom: Mac Mail program pops up with an error message: The operation couldn’t be comple
 Emails are bouncing back to the sender
  If you find that your sender’s emails are bouncing back to them when trying to send to your email account hosted with Quadra, there are a few things you need to know to help resolve this issue.
 Forward Email as Attachment
  To forward one or more emails exactly as they were sent, you can ‘forward as attachment’. Here are the methods to do this for various types of email software. This is particularly useful when forwarding email for technical reasons, for e
 Hosting mailboxes with Google
  To host your mailboxes with Google, you need to update your MX Records to point to their Mail Servers. To do this follow these steps:Log into the Domains section of your hosting account and click on the Domain in question.Tu
 How can I access the Web Mail interface?
 Your webmail can be accessed via Alternatively it can also be accessed via
 How can my clients change their mailbox password?
 Your clients can change their email password at any time via this link: will need to old password to be able to change the mailbox passwor
 How do I change the text responses of my mailing list?
 You need to enable the remote administration and the editing of the files in the /text directory. This is done from the control panel. Once that's done, send an email to listname-edit@d
 How do I set up my email program?
  Follow the usual procedure on your popular email client such as Outlook, Outlook Express, Mozilla Thunderbird etc, to add an email account. You will find a link to our email settings generator tool below.You may choose either POP3 or I
 How do I use the Secure SMTP / Secure POP3 feature?
  Secure SMTP and Secure POP3 is supported via the "alternate port" as follows: Secure SMTP Port: 465Secure POP3 Port: 995Secure IMAP Port: 993 The other settings should be the same as the no
 How to create an announcement newsletter
 Normal mailing list allows all members to post to the list and broadcast the message to every other member in the list. This is great for discussion list, but definitely not what you want for an announcement only list. You can create an "
 How to edit your mailing list automated responses
 We use ezmlm mailing list manager. The mailing list system has some predefined text as an automatic response to various mailing list tasks such as subscription and unsubscription confirmations, amongst other things.You can edit and customise t
 How to increase email quota
 The default quota on each mailbox is 10MB. This quota limit can be increased through your control panel -> Email section for each individual mailbox. There is no fee to increase it, however we do count the total space used by emails that are stored on
 How to moderate all messages that go through the mailing list
 When you enable mailing list moderation, and also allow external / non subscribers to send email, only messages that are coming from the non-subscribers will be moderated. Messages from subscribers are not moderated. If you want to also moderat
 How to Obtain Email Headers
  Article on how to obtain email headers from various email programsOutlook 2007:Open a message.On the Message tab, in the Options group, click the Dialog Box La
 iPhone/iPad email setup
  To set up your Mailbox on your iPad/iPhone, please open your browser on your iPad/iPhone and visit the following URL: you have ente
 Mailbox Quota Notifications and imap vs pop3
  What type of email connection should I use, what are the differences between imap and pop3, how do I deal with mailbox quota notifications?There are two distinct protocols widely used in order to collect email, namely POP3
 Problems when Sending an Email
  Things to check when you are encoutering problems when sending an email:First make sure you are using the correct server settings. If the error you saw is "553 sorry, that domain isn't allowed to be re
 Trash Folder for IMAP on iPad
  When using an iPad to access your emails on Quadra Hosting, you may encounter a problem when deleting a mail mes
 Unable to connect to mail server for short periods
  Symptom:Email client(s) are receiving a particular error along these lines (the exact error syntax may differ depending on the local mail client used)"The server returned the err
 Using the Google Apps E-mail service
  Once you have established your Google Apps account for your domain name, you will need to perform the following steps to point your domain name to Google's email servers:Please note: Please ensure that any ma
 Using Your Own or A Third Party Mail Server
  If you would like to use your own email server or a third party email service, for example your own Exchange Server, Office 360, or Gmail, two things must be changed:You must set the DNS configurations on your Quadra Hosting control
 Webmail login error
 Symptom:When logging in to the Web mail through the control panel, you may receive login error as if the webmail does not recognise your email account, despite having entered the correct email address and pass
 Your IP Address has been blacklisted
 Problem:You are unable to send an emai
 Your mail being delayed, read about our greylisting anti spam methodology.
  Statistically more than 80% of all email you receive is unsolicited!On Friday the 3rd of August 2007, Quadra Hosting implemented a new technology across it’s mail servers aimed at stopping the constant stream of spam that is travelling acr
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